Want to be a Brand Ambassador?


(First of all, we know there's a lot of information but if you are serious about being a Brand Ambassador it's important that you read it all!)

We’re changing the way we work things around here, and that includes improving our old promotor system by bringing in all new BRAND AMBASSADORS!
A Brand Ambassador is someone who will get to help promote our products and spread awareness about Same Same Apparel, as well as earning themselves some cool shit along the way!
Brand Ambassadors will get exclusive deals, be the first to know about our sales and even get free merch upon being accepted ;)


So what does it take to be a Brand Ambassador?

-          Brand Ambassadors must have a large social media following and/or a large post engagement. We will leave it up to you to determine whether or not you think you have a big enough audience to apply.

-          You must have social media accounts set to public (more so on Instagram) and you must be following Same Same Apparel on our Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook (all @samesameapparel) If you cannot follow us on one form of social media because you do not have it – that is fine.

-          You must be willing to post about Same Same Apparel regularly. Whether it be an Instagram post (most preferred), Instagram story, YouTube video, Tweet, Tumblr post etc.  


What do you get out of being a Brand Ambassador?

-          Brand ambassadors get free merch (to be discussed upon acceptance)

-          You will get your own unique promoter code, and $3 in-store credit every time someone uses your code!

-          You also get the satisfaction of knowing YOU are a part of the reason our company can succeed and can help others. Without our Brand Ambassadors we would not be where we are today. And without the extra sales generated from you guys, we would not be donating as much money to LGBT+ charities across Australia!


Think you’ve got what it takes?

Send an email to info@samesameapparel.com and make sure you include things such as;

-          Why you should be a Brand Ambassador for Same Same Apparel

-          How you can help us grow our brand

-          What methods you will use

-          How many followers you have on your social media

-          What your preferred code would be (15 characters max)

Write as little, or as much as you want about yourself - But remember the more you write, the more likely you are to be accepted. If you are successful you will hear back from us within a week.
Due to the fact that we give Brand Ambassadors free merch upon acceptance, anyone who does not upload a promotion on their social media within two weeks of receiving their shirt will be deleted as a Brand Ambassador, added to a blacklist and blocked on our social media. 




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